Why Choose Us

Company Overview

Founded in 2007, Infotech Management, Inc provides clients with the highest level of network support and IT support services. By trusting Infotech Management with your IT, we enable you to focus your energy on other critical aspects of your business, without worrying about the integrity of your technology systems.

Our client-centric approach offers flexible solutions for any business, simplifying the complexities of IT systems support and facilitating your ability to manage the cost and scheduling of your IT services.


Infotech Management provides flexible solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Our services are both convenient and cost-effective, consolidating your IT support into a single point of contact.

Like so many businesses, we began as a single person with a vision: to enable clients to grow their businesses by providing them with first-class IT support services at a competitive cost with flexible options. By choosing Infotech Management, you are selecting a company whose goal is to build strong, long-term customer relations through personal service, dedication to professionalism, and a solid commitment to customer satisfaction.


Our People

At Infotech Management, we know that the quality of IT support is driven by the people who provide it. Our engineers bring many years of proven experience and expertise in today’s broad environment of server and end-user platforms, hardware and software. We recognize that a vast, up-to-date knowledge base is essential in today's information technology environment.

We actively recruit the finest IT professionals and encourage them to continually expand their capabilities, keep abreast of emerging technologies, and seek new IT certifications.

Our Clients

Infotech Management provides top-quality IT support for commercial, non-profit, and government clients. Some of our clients include:

Law firms

Regulatory agencies

Design engineers

Non-profit organizations

Lobbying firms


Construction/Property management